At Wheatlands Primary School, we strive to provide all our children with as many sporting activities, and opportunities to be as physically active as possible. This is a commitment that all of the staff have adopted.

All children have two hours of timetabled PE, during which we focus upon delivering a high quality teaching of core skills, culminating in more sports focused teaching in Years 5 and 6. However; during lessons we still provide opportunities for intra-class or House competitions while encouraging children to display good sportsmanship.

We have a dedicated group of sports leaders who run lunchtime activities and personal challenges and earlier in the year we ran the Go Run for Fun initiative. We also have a rotation of sports crew which means that all children in KS2 have the chance to lead during their PE lessons. In addition to this, there are many after school sports clubs that run throughout the year including cricket, rugby, hockey, running, football, gymnastics and dance. We also have a successful boys football team who take part in the schools’ league and the Wilf Mannion competition.

During the year, we have supported local sports clubs such as Redcar Rugby club, Redcar squash club, Grangetown netball club, Redcar Athletic, Redcar Wild Cats and Yoga Bugs. Many of these clubs have delivered high quality coaching to our children during PE lessons. Additionally, we also signed up to Yorkshire Cricket’s Chance to Shine programme which has enabled us to provide the children with some fabulous cricket coaching as well as a development day for Y3 children at Marske Cricket Club. In the summer term, during school sports week, we will be giving the children the opportunity to use a climbing wall, try their hand at orienteering and golf and experience an introduction to velodrome cycling!

As a school, we are also committed to providing the children with as many competitive opportunities as possible and enter all of the competitions that the Sports Partnership provides as well as the development days that are on offer. Not to mention the fun range of activities that are available for our younger children through the Sports Partnership. During Reception and Year 5, the children have been offered the chance to take part in balance bike and bikeability training.

During the school day, The Daily Mile has become an embedded feature. Additionally, all staff have received active learning training and work hard to ensure that lessons are as active as possible so that we can ensure that children are achieving their target of being active for 30 minutes in school. On top of this, we have had two walk to school months with children earning badges if they walk, cycle or scoot to school each week over the course of a month and we will be supporting Soccer Aid later in the summer term.

Children in the Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception classes) follow a programme of activities, both indoors and outside, to provide experiences to develop motor skills and physical development in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Guidance. On entering KS1, children will follow the PE National Curriculum Programme of Study. All children take part in PE lessons unless there is a medical reason why they should not do so. If your child is to be excused from PE please put the reason in writing or mention it to the class teacher.

Our aim is that every child will experience success and grow to recognise that taking part in sport and physical activity is of great personal value. All children are taught skills applicable to a variety of team games such as football, netball, hockey and cricket and they will also be introduced to individual sports such as dance, gymnastics, tennis, athletics and cross country. In addition to PE lessons, children will have the opportunity to take part in the Daily Mile which promotes both physical and emotional well-being. Underpinning all sport and PE in the school is an ethos of good sportsmanship and fair play.

Children from Year 3 onward have the opportunity to take part in swimming lessons where the main aim is to ensure that all children can confidently swim 25m by the time they leave for secondary school. Once your child can swim 25m they will have the opportunity to further develop their technique and swim greater distances.

Wheatlands is part of the Redcar and Eston School Sports Partnership and can therefore offer a wide variety of sporting opportunities to all children in the form of competitions, festivals and development days.

Our school policy, curriculum overview and termly newsletters can be downloaded below.

PE Policy
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