Both of these subjects are planned for separately. 

In History the emphasis is upon developing a sense of the passing of time and an awareness that the circumstances we experience today have been shaped by our past. We begin at a personal level with your child’s direct experiences and gradually introduce wider historical issues as defined in the National Curriculum.

When teaching Geography we begin with your child’s experience within the neighbourhood and then plan progression following the National Curriculum so that they are introduced to:

  • A wider knowledge of the world
  • The relative position of the countries
  • The effects of mankind on the landscape and an investigation into geographical issues.

We subscribe to oddizzi which can be used to view videos, maps, photographs and fact files to support homework or to simply follow interests. A bit like an online Geographical Encyclopedia. 

Our History and Geography policies can be downloaded below as can the curriculum overviews for each subject.

Geography Policy
History Policy
KS1 Geography Overview
KS2 Geography Overview
History Overview
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