Following on from the Prime Minister’s recent broadcast highlighting new measures that we must all take in order to prevent a nationwide lockdown, a continued increase in cases and more deaths nationally, I am writing to suggest that when you drop off and collect your child from school that you wear a face covering as an added safety measure.

It is a critical time and anything we can do as individuals to play our part in following these precautionary measures, will help protect our families and ensure the safety and well-being of the pupils, parents, teachers and wider community which is paramount to prevent further cases.

Can I also please request that only 1 adult attends school and that when you have your child you head home straight away, this is to help reduce the amount of people gathering on the paths. It is evident that you are all trying so hard to socially distance but with increased numbers this clearly becomes harder to do.

It is such a difficult time for us all and so far our school community has not been affected as badly as some others locally. We all obviously want this to continue so anything we can do to support this is vital.

I can’t thank you enough for how cooperatively you have adhered to the new procedures. It is so sad that we can’t welcome you onto the playground at the moment and I, along with you all, long for the day that we can go back to how it used to be in school.

Thank you for your understanding.

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