In 2014 the government introduced a new National Curriculum. Although the new curriculum is intended to be more challenging, the content is actually slimmer than the old curriculum, focusing on essential core subject knowledge and skills. A copy of the full National Curriculum can be found here 

At Wheatlands Primary School, we have been working very hard to produce a curriculum which not only meets, but enhances the requirements of the new National Curriculum.  Please find below Curriculum Overviews for each year group. More detailed information will be provided in our curriculum newsletters, which will be sent to parents each term. 

Separate overviews for each subject can be found within their subject headings in the main menu.

Our Teaching & Learning Policy explains how we aim to deliver this curriculum. We want to create a curriculum that gives children a sense of pride about living where they do yet shows them the multi-cultural world that exists beyond Redcar. It will also give children a wide range of opportunities, developing resilience and promoting the belief that through determination anyone can do anything irrespective of background. This policy can be downloaded below.

Y1 Curriculum Overview
Y2 Curriculum Overview
Y6 Curriculum Overview
Y5 Curriculum Overview
Y4 Curriculum Overview
Teaching & Learning Policy
Nursery Curriculum Overview
Reception Curriculum Overview
Y3 Curriculum Overview
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